Sad News As The Queen loses a treasured staff


Lord Peel has informed the Queen of his resignation from Buckingham Palace. He is said to be the monarch’s most senior member of staff- after serving for 14 years as Lord Chamberlain.

He joined the palace workforce in October 2006 and has led the royal household during a period of significant progress and change, including the introduction of the Sovereign Grant in 2012, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee the same year, as well as overseeing the Buckingham Palace restoration project.

The Lord Chamberlain’s Office is responsible for organising those elements of the Queen’s programme that involve ceremonial activity or public facing events like; garden parties and state visits, to royal weddings and the State Opening of Parliament. They handle the Royal Mews, as well as the biannual awarding of honours.

In a statement from the 72 year old Chamberlain, he said; that I have served in this role, I have witnessed a great deal of positive change across the Royal Households. It has of course been both a great privilege and pleasure to be part of so many significant events, and to be able to serve Her Majesty and the Royal Household in this unique position.”

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