The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilia delivers powerful speech at WOW 2020


Camilia, the Duchess of Cornwall gave a presentation at this year’s Women of the World Festival as President of WOW (Women of the World) since 2015, having been involved with the organisation since 2010.

The 72-year-old gave a speech saying:

“I find it almost impossible to think that any friend of mine might be living under that horrific threat, without my knowing it, but that is the power of coercive control and violence in the home. It is characterised by silence – silence from those that suffer – silence from those around them, and silence from those who perpetrate abuse. This silence is corrosive; it leaves women, children and men carrying the burden of shame. It prevents them from speaking out about the abuse and it prevents them from getting help. And at its worst it can be fatal.”

She also encouraged both men and women to raise awareness of the “taboo” subject and used her very first hashtag #everyonesproblem saying: “The campaign to end domestic violence needs the voices of men as well as women, challenging the cultural, economic and political context in which we all experience the world. We will all benefit from building a society which will simply not tolerate this heinous crime any longer.”

The Duchess explained that she had spoken to many women through her work who have lived with coercive control, calling them “some of the bravest people I have ever met”. Only last month did Camilla reveal that she has friends who have been victims of domestic violence.

She met domestic abuse survivors and campaigners, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick, listened to a panel discussion in the name of the #everyonesproblem hashtag featuring Gina Miller, a businesswoman, campaigner and domestic abuse survivor. The panel was chaired by WOW Foundation founder Jude Kelly,

As part of the panelist were; chief executive of SafeLives charity Suzanne Jacob, Celia Peachey, whose mother was murdered by an ex-partner with a history of violence and domestic abuse; and Naomi Donald, who suffered abuse as a teenager and young woman.

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