What Type Of Empath Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign




You know how empathy is all about sensing and possibly picking up emotions that not ours, well for Sagittarius it is somewhat different. Sagittarius are uniquely different, instead of sensing other emotions, they have the ability to sense when someone is lying. It’s just natural, and even better, they hate lies. So don’t lie to a Sagittarius, they will definitely find out.



Capricorn have the empathic ability to sense what is right or wrong with a particular place or area. They do this by sensing the geomantic waves that flow underneath the earth surface. This ability helps them to know how good or bad a place is and whether to remain comfortable there or not.



Gaia is an ancient Greek word for mother earth. To this effect, Aquarius is the empath that senses the emotions and feelings of not just people, but of everything and everyone around them. When this ability is developed, they can be able to sense the emotion of nearby cities and even countries.

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Pisces have the unique empathic ability to sense the Astral plane. Translation, this means they can sense emotions and feelings before others can. This is due to the fact that things happen in the Astral plane before they begin to manifest in the physical plane. Furthermore, they can also sense the emotions going on in other places. 


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