8 Revealing Actions That He Is Imagining The Future With You


Love relationship can either be a short term or a long term goal- its term largely depends on the partners involved, how they want it, But you- the queen lady who is anticipating for a love relationship that comes with a long term goal(s), how can you know if your partner desire what you desire. I think you are now smart enough to know that you should not determine your answer based on what he tells you, knowing fully well that mouth sometimes say what the heart is not saying.

His actions reveals the real intents of his heart- beyond words of mouth. The 8 actions discussed below give you the correct answers to your guess. If he is not doing these 8 action words, then your love relationship neither has insurance nor future.

Find out as you know your fate of love!

1. He Makes Revelations about You

To many people that do not know who you are, he reveals you to them and narrate to them who you are to him, this he will do willingly and happily. His family, friends and other relations will get to know about you as he can’t keep his excitement to let them know that you belong to him.

If given the chance, he will not hesitate to climb on mountain top and tell the whole world about you. 

2. He Banks On Your Views

You will hardly see him do things behind your back, he makes you a partner in decision-making- – ranging from what looks trivial to what is important. He makes sure you both agree on a matter before he goes on to execute it.

8 Revealing Actions That He Is Imagining The Future With You

3. He Subscribes To Future Talks While With You

He can’t stop talking about the future, he sees it coming already and he anticipates for it. He will tell you many things he is planning to do in time to come, he will patiently give listening ears to yours too. He is sharing this with you not only because he is anxious but he wants to bring you into the future, too. Right there, on the discussion table, you will arrive and conclude at what you will do in months to come. Read page 2 to finish this article

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