Introvert And Extrovert - Who Is Healthier?

In one line or two, let me do justice and shed more light on what you’ve already known about Introvert and Extrovert;

Being Introvert and Extrovert are characteristics that define a man, and eventually, become their personalities. One is self-contained and the other is outgoing.

However regardless of where you fall in the two unique characteristics above, it is a blessing for you, and more importantly, be aware that you can switch from being an introvert to extrovert and vice-versa if you want.

So let’s have an insight into the medical life of these ones.

Who is healthier- Introvert or Extrovert?

You see good health can be traced to one’s characteristics (what you do and how you do them). A 1997 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology affirmed this.

I consider the 1997 study because it was the first to examine the long-term effects personality has on health, where researchers followed 3-year-old children born in New Zealand in 1972-3 through their 21st birthday. At 3, researchers observed children’s temperaments; at 18, they administered a personality questionnaire; and at 21, they identified risky behaviours, such as alcohol abuse, unsafe sex, violent crime and few other social related problems. These are behaviours that lead to disease.

Let’s examine now how each character affects their health:

As stated earlier, Introvert is self-contained….so Introverts tend to be more aggressive because they are anti-social, they bottle up a whole lot of bad energies and black emotions they could have shared. They tend to live a life of depression more than the extrovert, taking repose in alcohols as a companion they lack which do harm to their health. Read full article on page 2


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