9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy


People assume introverts are boring people who would rather spend their whole day and time doing nothing but distancing themselves from others. The truth however, is that introverts are actually really cool people who are just as friendly or nice as everyone else, just that they prefer to be by themselves most of the time. If you have an introvert friend, you may be at loss on what to do to make them happy or relaxed. Here are 9 tips on the things that make an introvert happy.

Time To Unwind

As we all know, introverts are naturally private and somewhat withdrawn people, and this means they love spending time on their own. Although introverts may socialize from time to time, at the end of it all, all they want to do is kick back, relax and recover their lost energies. This time used to recover helps them to reminisce on the experiences of the day. 

A Friend Or Family They Genuinely Understands

On several occasions, introverts become more uptight or withdrawn because they are surrounded with people who do not really understand their nature. It would be so much easier to deal with an introvert if their loved ones can understand that they need to be alone sometimes, or that they need a little push to start up a conversation.

Someone Who Reaches Out To Them

An introvert may not call or text you from time to time, but be rest assured that they really care. They just don’t know how to show it. When you make the effort to reach out to them by a phone call or a text or email, it will send a silent message that you are there for them, and will encourage them to open up and reach out to others and you more.

9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy

Learn About Their Interests And Passion

A lot of introverts may seem aloof and distant, but they really have a lot of things going on in their heads and life. Take the time to learn one or two things about them and what they like. Find out their interests, what makes them tick, what they enjoy doing etc. you may just be surprised at what you will find, and they will also appreciate the effort .

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There must be something worth complimenting in an introverts life. The last thing you would want to do is to call them out on their antisocial habits or seemingly shy demeanor. Instead, compliment their intelligence, their ability to get things done and their composure. This will definitely make their day.

Avoid Small Talk

Although introverts may seem like they do not talk much, they actually have a great deal of things they enjoy talking about, and none of them includes small talk. They carry on conversations on a much more deeper level than others. An individual who does not engage in small talk will automatically become friends with an introvert.

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