Best And Worst Characteristics Of A Capricorn


It is said that you can never really know someone until you have walked in their shoes. People have both positive and negative traits about them and this makes them unique. A Capricorn personality is known to be very focused and resourceful. They always seem to be absorbed in their own world of putting the world right and finding their place. But there are also negative traits associated with them. Below are the Capricorn’s best and worst characteristics and traits.


The most important and positively appealing traits or characteristics of a Capricorn include the following;


Capricorn’s know the benefit of being hardworking and also being committed to that cause. Because of this, their attention will not waiver until they have achieved their aim.

Best And Worst Characteristics Of A Capricorn


A Capricorn is probably the best friend you will ever have. Their loyalty to their friends, families and loved one is unmatched. They will be willing to go to any length to see that you are happy and comfortable. Their loyalty makes them extremely sensitive and caring to their loved ones feelings and emotions. 


Everyone loves a good thing, but a Capricorn is very sure about the things they want. They are not willing to settle for less than the best. To the Capricorn, there is always a goal to be met, and they will not stop until it is achieved.

Best And Worst Characteristics Of A Capricorn


A Capricorn will always compose themselves wherever they are, especially in public places. They do not do things that will make them step out of line. It is extremely rare to see a Capricorn experience an outburst in public. They check their facts before they react.


There will always be a bad side to every good things, and for the calm, calculated and logical Capricorn, there are still some traits that are not very good to have. Here are some bad characteristics of a Capricorn ;


Because Capricorns have such high standard and ambitions for themselves, they become very critical of those around them. They want everything and everyone to fit in their own perspective and ideas, and if they don’t, they start to criticize everyone who might actually mean well for them.


In their quest for their ambitions and goals, Capricorn can forget about everyone around them and focus only on themselves. Their satisfaction and comfort will be placed above anyone else, at least until they have gotten what they want.


Capricorn will look down on anyone they feel does not posses their penchant for hardwork and ambition. Because of this, they will come off as a snob or a condescending person. This does not really paint them well in the eyes of others.

Best And Worst Characteristics Of A Capricorn
Best And Worst Characteristics Of A Capricorn
Best And Worst Characteristics Of A Capricorn
Best And Worst Characteristics Of A Capricorn
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