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Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest


All humans are naturally sexual beings. We think about it, from time to time, some more than others. But the major thing is the fact that we all have the urge which comes up sometimes. Some signs are more sexually inclined than others, and this list explores that fact. Below are the zodiac signs ranked from the least sexy to the sexiest.


Found at the top of the least and ultimately the least sexy, Aquarius can go on for a long time without any sexual encounter or even the though of it. This does not mean they do not like anything relating to being intimate, it simply means they have a low sex drive. However when they do get down, they make sure it is worth the time.


Sex is actually important for Pisces, however, they do not place too much importance to it. They have been known for their penchant for daydreams and fantasies, and this takes most of their time. When Pisces gets intimate, they bring their imagination and fantasies to play, and this makes the whole experience mind blowing.

Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest


One would imagine that Gemini would be as nasty as they appear. They talk a lot of sexual and dirty talk to make people believe that they are all about that. On the contrary, when it comes to the real deal, it’s a bit disappointing to discover that Gemini may be all talk and less action. However, with their willingness to learn something new and explore, they can finally turn out to be really great.


Libras are emotional and compassionate beings that are more concerned with their partner than themselves. Although this is enough to make a sexual experience very satisfying, it is often one sided due to their act of putting the other person ahead of themselves. This does not mean they do not value themselves, they just place their partners first.

Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest


There are two sides to the Virgo, the uptight, clever and organized side and the freaky. However, they tend to hide their freaky side and give off the impression that they do not need sex or intimacy, while in fact they do. You can tell when they do when they begin to show signs of annoying or antagonistic attitude. When they let their guard down, they release that inner freak and relax. This only happens when they trust their partner completely.


Cancers can be very sexual when they want to be, and this can only happen when they have a foundation of trust with their partner. If this does not happen, they come off as people who do not like being sexual. The truth is, intimacy with cancer is as fun as it is exciting. The sexual experience is based on their moods, hot and intense when they are upset or angry, and passionate when they are in love.


Although not filled with thoughts of sex and intimacy all day long, Capricorns are indeed sexual beings. They maintain a fair amount of focus and coordination to their important task and when that is completed, they go all in with their intimacy. When they get in the mood, they really bring their imagination to life and transform it into a into passionate and romantic encounter.

Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest


Different from other signs in many ways, the Taurus takes sexuality to a different level. They love to make their intimate experiences more personal by involving sensuality. They are better at foreplay and romance and also love being touched as much as they love intercourse. In all they are very good lovers and are a sure bet for having a good time.


Always ready to get down at any time, Sagittarius are very sexual people. They love exploring new styles and tricks when it comes to sexual intercourse. They love keeping things interesting in the bedroom, so as their partner, you will have to come up with exciting moves and methods to keep them satisfied. Otherwise, they tend to get bored easily and will not hesitate to change an old, boring partner for a new one.

Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest


The Leo’s ego goes beyond their physical looks and appearance. It also extends to their sexual prowess too. A Leo knows they look good and they love hearing you say it. The same thing goes for their sexuality. They know how good they can be at pleasing their partner, and they love showing it and being praised for it as well. They are very sexual and will leave you craving for more.


Being the second most sexual sign, and for good reason, Aries are a handful when it comes to being sexual. They have a huge sexual appetite, and love experiencing sexual acts. While some people will think they are perverts, Aries just love the feeling that comes with intimacy. The do not have to be in love with you to enjoy it, all that matters is that it is intense. This means they do not attach so much feelings and affection to the person they are going down with, and this also makes them very prone to having quickies.


The cold, distant Scorpio has an intense sexual appetite and appeal unmatched by any other zodiac sign. They breathe and exude sexuality and sensuality effortlessly. This does not make them sexually attracted to just anyone they meet, their crazed sexual appetite is enjoyed by those whom they trust and have a deep emotional connection with. They are not the type to get down with just anyone, instead they choose their partners wisely. When they do open up, it is a flaming encounter of sexual energy.

Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest
Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest
Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest
Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest



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