7 Ways To Know Whether He Is Into You And Would Love To Wife You


Yes, he is tall, dark, and handsome! These are mostly the 3 top qualities of a man in a lady’s diary. But I am here to tell you that you need to look beyond this if you want to be happily married. Marriage is not all about wearing your dream wedding dress and having the wedding of your dreams, it is more than these and you need to list out clearly the qualities you want in your man.

First of all, you need to pray and let God direct you whilst you do the necessary future-husband homework. Have you seen #Ciara’s video on how she prayed to God about what she wanted in her man (worth watching though). And she literally got all and more. Yes, God answers prayers.

Also, you need to do the work on yourself to be that woman that will attract the kind of man you are praying for.

I have heard about how some men play some emotional gimmicks in order to get a lady’s empathy and love, but girlfriend, when it comes to choosing someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, you’ve got to choose wisely with your both eyes wide opened (don’t let your love be blinded). There are some questions you need to ask yourselves during your dating period. It is more than romance and having fun. Ask questions about your future goals, how many children you would love to have, which country would you love to settle down in the future (if any), your income, what school you would love your kids to attend, his relationship with his parents and siblings, spending habits, assets acquisitions & future investments, family values, and the list goes on. 

7 Ways To Know Whether He Is Into You And Would Love To Wife You

Don’t let any man make you expendable – of relatively little significance!

Study his character and personal traits, and if all these doesn’t align with your marital goals, please don’t get committed and fall into self-pity. These signs should be the triggers to your decision-making. 

You will realize that all these are not gobbledygook when you start to build your home. You want someone that his visions align with yours.

There is nothing like marrying your bestfriend – your Cherie amour 

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7 Ways To Know Whether He Is Into You And Would Love To Wife You

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