61 Painfully Accurate Animal Memes For Introverts that Will Speak Your Mind


Since you may prefer animals to humans, here is a list of introvert memes that will make you laugh to tears.

Sometimes I feel sorry for extroverts. They rarely feel the beauty of solitude. No calls, no emails, no FaceTime, no invitation, no people, just you. How cool is that?

Introverts are not anti-social. And we don’t always hide under the blanket. But when our social battery hits zero, we need time to recharge ALONE. That’s the time we dodge people like dodging the bullets.

If you are an introvert, you may prefer animals to humans. So here are the best introvert memes of animals that you can relate to.

No one knows or I will kill you.

Introvert meme #17

When it’s the time

Introvert meme #19: Not so fast, Human

Survival instincts

Introvert meme #21: When you have a deeper connection with your cat than with people

We can all relate

Let’s take the backseat and watch the chaos happening in front of us.

Mornings in the jam-packed gym? No, thanks

Introvert meme #24

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