Edo girl, 9, rots away and dies after being’ raped for rituals’ by a 60-year-old chief who is now on the run (Graphics)


Edo girl, 9, rots away and dies after being' raped for rituals' by a 60-year-old chief who is now on the run (Graphics)

A 9-year-old girl has tragically died after her body began to rot following a “ritualistic rape” incident.

Habiba was allegedly raped by a 60-year-old chief in Edo state. According to Priscilla Usiobaifo, the founder of Brave Hearts Initiative, the chief confessed to the crime and begged for forgiveness but he fled the community when he discovered that the girl’s parents were bent on getting justice.

Habiba, who was raped on June 11, 2020, soon began rotting away. It began with her suffering seizures hours after the rape incident. Then she became unwell and her health continued to deteriorate, causing people to suggest that she had been raped for rituals.

Last week, rashes appeared on Habiba’s skin and her skin started peeling. 

She died last Saturday, August 29, while she was being transferred to a more advanced hospital where she was expected to get better care.

Ms Usiobaifo revealed that Habiba had become so deformed before her death that it was “extremely difficult” to recognize her.

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The mother of the deceased is inconsolable and the suspect is still free. Police at the Igarra division in Akoko-Edo, Edo state, have reportedly made repeated attempts to capture the chief, all to no avail.

Edo girl, 9, rots away and dies after being

Edo girl, 9, rots away and dies after being

Edo girl, 9, rots away and dies after being

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  1. This is all garbage. In no way are you uplifting society. You are feeding off of the worst of it. You are a hypocrite and you are perpetuating darkness. Do not kid yourself as you are part of the problem.

    • You got it all wrong! if we didn't report this , the society/you wont know such evil happened and you will never believe such would happen, hence it's alert everyone to be careful and practice self protection or defense. for some people care less of that. thanks for your understanding.



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