How Society View Introverts, Success And Not So Successful


Here’s How Society View Introverts. Society or at least Western society is known to discriminate against introverts. This is because in a world where extroverts are believed to be the high achievers, introverts are misunderstood and forgotten about.

However the misunderstanding of introversion leads people to see high achieving introverts; of which there are many to be more extroverted.

The reality is these introverts are able to thrive because of their self and social awareness and their high intelligence. below are How Society View Introverts, Success And Not So Successful

How Society View Introverts, Success And Not So Successful

J.k. Rowling, Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian are not how typical introverts are viewed.

They are three examples among many who have found enormous success despite their introversion. Reason? They are not defined by their introversion.

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, she is incredibly successful. Does she have any identifiable talent? That’s open to interpretation. But her success cannot be denied. She has made the most of what she does have.

How Society View Introverts, Success And Not So Successful

Kim Kardashian knows what sells.

Barack Obama became the United States first black President despite being an introvert. He used his humour, intelligence and charisma to become loved by so many people.

How Society View Introverts, Success And Not So Successful

Obama is one of the most socially aware introverts around

These people are not shy or anti-social they simply need time to reflect on their own. A chance to recharge their batteries. They are living proof that not all introverts are shy and reserved.

Our society is geared towards extroverts and gives more opportunities to those people. But when introversion is combined with social awareness and intelligence they are often able to thrive in the most incredible way.

How Society View Introverts, Success And Not So Successful

They slip under the radar and strike when least expected. They can be quiet one moment and the next they are speaking up for what they believe in.

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This takes people by surprise and are unable to counter it.

The way society views introverts can be a great benefit to their chances of success.

So if you are introverted, don’t hate the way society views you and misunderstands you. Use it to take success from the extroverts who undervalue you

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