7 Intelligent Comebacks For When Conversations Turn Negative


Confrontations happen often, perhaps all the time, but it can be avoided even before it gets to that point. 7 Intelligent Comebacks For When Conversations Turn Negative. Every physical fight or confrontation started out as a conversation that went south. When the people involved did not take actions to curb it at that point, it escalated into physical fights and other forms of violence. Basically this means that fights can be avoided when the situation is controlled or diverted at the conversation phase. How do you steer a conversation that has turned negative back on track? How do you make a comeback when a conversation has turned negative and prevent it from escalating? Here are 7 ways to do that.

Reframe : portray the situation in a different light

Most times, it is the way we understand or see things that constitutes the problem. When a conversation is about to take a turn for the worst, clarify things by putting the situation to the other person in a different way. If possible, state it in plain terms that you do not want problems and be specific about what you mean.

Rephrase: repeat yourself in a less negative way

Instead of using the initial words that seemed to spark a reaction, use less offensive and less negative words. If it is your actions that is causing issues, you can explain that you were simply being passionate about what you meant.

7 Intelligent Combacks For When Conversations Turn Negative

Revisit : bring up previous positive encounters

Perhaps this is not the first time you are having a conversation with this person, if it is not, then refresh their memories on how you both have related so well previously, and make them understand that you do not wish for that relationship to go sour. Make them see your point. If it your first time however with such person, bring to their knowledge your previous positive encounters with others on similar6or different issues.

Restate: Create room for clarity

Maybe it is not you, but the other person who made a demeaning comment or negative remark. Instead of reacting to it, give them a chance to rephrase or restate their opinions. This way you will be sure of what you heard and know how to react to such situation.

Request: ask for something

This could be a cue from the previous option. Here, you ask your conversation partner or opponent to make their point clear by asking questions that will require them to restate their minds. It will help them check their bearing a d possibly change the choice of words.

7 Intelligent Combacks For When Conversations Turn Negative

Rebalance: find your footing

You may have been thrown off guard by what they said or did, but this is the chance you have to not let it affect you. This part is entirely up to you, in the case that you get to choose not to be offended or upset. However, you must do so positively to prevent a backlash.

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7 Intelligent Combacks For When Conversations Turn Negative

Reorganize: change the subject

It’s obvious that you probably don’t see eye to eye with this person on this particular issue or topic, even if you are best of friends. Avoid further discussion which could provoke further negativity by steering the topic away from the present issue. It will solve the problem at hand, and prevent further outbursts.

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