9 Types Of Narcissists: How To Spot, Cope And the one to Avoid at all Cost


Narcissism is one of the major causes of mental, emotional and psychological exhaustion in relationships. The sad fact is that most people do not realize they have been victims of narcissists, and hence do not know how to seek help from. here are 9 Types Of Narcissists: How To Spot, Cope And the one to Avoid at all Costs

What a lot of people know is that narcissists are individuals that prey on others for their own Savage satisfaction and accomplishment. What most people do not know is that there are different types of narcissists. The typical narcissist is selfish, manipulative, cunning, to mention but a few. The truth is that their traits go beyond that. Here are 9 different types of narcissists and their traits. 

The first three however are the major types, while the remaining six are subtypes, which possess traits that can be exhibited by the first three.

Classic narcissist

This is the type of narcissist that we all know. They have the basic traits of narcissism we already understand. People who are classic narcissist are the typical attention seekers. They believe that the world revolves around them and them alone. They move around with an air of superiority about themselves and do not take well to not being noticed wherever they go. They easily get bored when they do not get what they want and always want to be in charge.

Vulnerable narcissist

Unlike the classic narcissist that goes all out to be domineering and egotistical, the vulnerable narcissist is the opposite. They do not like being the center of attention, instead, they latch themselves onto someone who is. They still believe that they are better than everyone else,however, their actions is displayed to earn them pity so they can still get the attention they seek but in a different way. They are often seen as fragile people, and love playing the victim in order to be noticed.

9 Types Of Narcissists: How To Spot, Cope And the one to Avoid at all Costs

Malignant narcissist

These types of narcissists are highly toxic and manipulative. They are quite different from the other two types of narcissists. The classic narcissist will play the good guy or good girl card in public, while maintaining their manipulative personal, the vulnerable narcissist will make everyone believe they are weak and fragile. But the malignant narcissist will never hide their vile and deceitful nature. Their sole aim is to dominate everything and everyone, and they don’t care less who gets hurt. They are often sadist, with sociopaths and psychopathic tendencies.


Covert narcissist

Covert narcissist are narcissists that carry out their narcissistic behaviors without people’s knowledge. They are extremely sneaky and private in what they do, working in the background and leaving their victim often without the knowledge that they have been used by them. Vulnerable narcissist are more prone to having this trait and exhibiting this behavior than other narcissist types.

9 Types Of Narcissists: How To Spot, Cope And the one to Avoid at all Costs

Overt narcissist

These types of narcissists do not hide their methods or actions. They are not secretive about anything they do, and their ways are easily noticeable. The three major types of narcissists can exhibit these character either by a polite insult or an outright ironic Flattery, however, the classic narcissist are more likely to do this than other types. See page 2 below for more details and signs


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