7 Signs He Completely Adores You


It is not everyday that we get to see a man who is physically expressive with his feelings and emotions, but when we do, it is surely a pretty sight. When a man is into you, you do not have to wonder if it is real or not, he will show it in his actions, he will say it when he talks to you, and you will also see it in his eyes when he looks at you. For those who may not be able to tell the signs, here are 7 signs he Completely adores you.

#1. He Shows You His Playful Side

Most men always look mean when you see them, and they seem to revel in it. A man who adores you will show you a side of him that you and others don’t see often, he acts goofy and playful around you. Besides the fact that he adores you, it also means he is comfortable with and around you. Acting goofy and playful is one way of saying he enjoys being with you.

#2. He Gives You The Look

Actions, and words may lie, but the eyes don’t. When a man is enamored by you, it is clearly evident in his eyes. From the way he looks at you, even without your knowledge, it will be clear how much he cares about and loves you. You might notice a soft, endearing look in his eyes when he looks at you, followed by a smile. This is to tell you that he utterly adores you.

7 Signs He Completely Adores You

#3. He Takes Note Of The Smallest Things

A man who cares about you will be interested in everything that concerns you. He will take note of every tiny detail about you and will remember every piece of information about you, including the ones you didn’t tell him about. He takes note of things like your favourite colour, your likes and dislikes, your birthday, your favourite food and even the color of your eyes.

#4. He Creates Time For You

When a man constantly creates time to be with you no matter how busy he is, it is a clear sign that he adores you. It can only mean that he enjoys spending time with you, and would want to continue doing so at every chance he gets. There would always be space for you in his schedule every day. Even when he is with you, he is not absent-minded, as he is fully present with you. These are signs that he completely adores you.

#5. He Listens To You

Sadly, there are still some backwards men who do not value a woman’s opinion. A man who truly adores his woman will listen to her. Relationships are not meant to be competitive between the man and woman. Men who understand this provides a listening ear to their wives opinions. If he adores you, he will not just listen to you about matters concerning yourself, but on issues that concern him as well. In some cases, him listening to you is a way of asking for advice.

7 Signs He Completely Adores You

#6. He Keeps In Touch

Communication is essential in keeping a relationship alive. It is better when both partners are equally involved in keeping the communication open. Nonetheless, a man who completely adores his woman will never let a day go by without speaking to her. He can call as much as five times a day, or just twice. The important thing is that he loves you well enough to want to speak with you all the time. Most times, he can call in the morning to find out how good you are after the night’s rest, he can call again during the day to find out how your day is going, and then call again at night before you go to sleep. When there is a problem, he will also call to let you know he is there for you.

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#7. He Doesn’t Hide The Way He Feels About You From The Public

When a man truly loves you, he does not hide it from you or the whole world. Frankly, he does not care what everyone else thinks about it. If he is the kind of person who loves public display of affection, then be ready for a whirlwind kind of romance because he wouldn’t care about what people would say about his feelings for you. He would go to great lengths to let everyone who cares to know that he adores you.

7 Signs He Completely Adores You
7 Signs He Completely Adores You
7 Signs He Completely Adores You
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