The One Motto That Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Live By


There are principles, rules and laws that govern the way we live and the things that we do. However, these laws are from the area we live in and not by ourselves. We all have different things that motivate us to do things that we do, and we also have our own laws, rules, principles and mottos that help shape our lives. According to your zodiac sign, there is one motto to live by. This helps to shape your life into what it should be. Below are the mottos associated with each zodiac sign


Accept the present, 

let go of the past and have faith in the future People who are born under this sign are great leaders who possess great amount of courage. However, they love to be in control, not just over people, but over situations as well. You must understand that things happen because they are meant to. Worrying over the past won’t change it neither will it affect the future. Simply live in the moment.


Not everything is worth the effort

Taurus loves being useful even when it’s not necessary. You should know that not every situation deserves your stress and input. Learn to filter out and find out which one is really important and deserves your attention and time. Doing so will help you save your energy and time for what’s important.


Do what’s right, say what’s true

Yes we know you are the social butterfly, but you need to be cautious of the things you say and do, especially around people. Do not allow yourself to be compromised by your actions or words just because you need people around you. Stay true to your self and maintain the right course.


Always pick intelligence over emotions

You are highly emotional, and thus sometimes, can make certain decisions that are not very good. Always think before you act in every case. Endeavor to always see the logical part of things and rarely the emotional part. It will help you make better decisions, one you won’t end up regretting.

The One Motto That Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Live By


It’s not always about you

The Leo sign is full of pride and ego. They love being in the spotlight, and they love being at the center of attention everywhere they go. When they do nor get this, they end up feeling depressed and miserable. You must understand that it is not always about you all the time. You cannot be at the center of the spotlight all the time. There are other things and people to worry about too. See page 2 for more zodiac signs

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