Your Day of Birth Can Reveal Your Personality and Your Destiny


Who would have imagined that by mere numbers, ones destiny and even personality can be determined. Even if some people choose to deny it, the proof is there. The act of telling someone what the future holds in store for them, or what their personality is all about is called numerology, and it has existed for ages. In this case, the numbers involved are from the date of one’s birth. It’s fascinating to discoverthat your date of birth holds the key to your personality and disposition. Want to know more? Find out what the day of the month you were born says about you. first ask your self what is your Personality? and what is Your Destiny?

1 st day of the month

People born on the first day of the month make good leaders. They have the mindset of being in charge in everything they do and anywhere they find themselves in. Their independent streak and their creativity helps them succeed all the time.

2 nd day of the month

People born on the second day of the month make great partners. They are empathic, caring and kind. They want nothing more than for their lives to be harmonious and they also love being in partnership with people who would help them achieve that.

3rd day of the month

People born on the third day of the month have this thing about them that brings people closer to them. They are open, friendly and charming. Their excellent communicative ability makes them great companions.

4 th day of the month

People born on the second day of the month are filled with determination and courage. When they set out to do something, nothing can get in their way. Their hardwork and focus makes people trust them and rely on them to get things done.

5 th day of the month

People born on the fifth day of the month are more mentally active than physically. They are intellects and have a wide range of interests and skills. Their major skill is their ability to communicate, and this makes them great marketers.

6 th day of the month

People born on this day are the ones you can trust to be responsible and honest. They are the type of people that anyone can rely on for help and support. They place so much importance on family and close friends, including their romantic partners.

7 th day of the month

People born on this date are very analytical. They see beyond the surface of things and even people. They love honesty, and thus do not like fake or superficial things and people. They also love to follow their instincts.

8 th day of the month

People born on this day are also natural born leaders. They have such skill that is great for business that it is always better to put them as team lead instead of followers. They are very smart, and love to make impressions, hence they pay attention to their appearance.

9 th day of the month

People born on this day are very understanding people, with a sensitive spirit. They love to be on the neutral and want everyone to be happy. They are such generous people that they do not hold anything back. Their creativity and open mindedness always helps them stand out.

10 th day of the month

People born on this day of the month are very competitive individuals. They love being on top, and they also enjoy getting their on their own accord. They are fighters and winners. They have great management skills and are independent, an added bonus is their originality. See page 2 for 11th to 31st

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