Belgium's Princess Elisabeth to Head to Oxford University this Autumn

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium proudly shared a new photo of their eldest daughter, Princess Elisabeth, as she prepares for university.

The Belgium royal court confirmed on Tuesday that the 19-year-old will study at Lincoln College, which is part of Oxford University, from October. She passed the entrance exams for a three-year course in History and Politics.

The new photo shows the princess posing for a portrait within the grounds of the royal family's home, the Castle of Laeken, in Brussels. Wearing a camel jacket, pale blue jeans and a white shirt, she can be seen smiling and gazing off-camera.

Princess Elisabeth is no stranger to the UK, having obtained her International Baccalaureate from UWC Atlantic College in Wales in May 2020.

After her secondary school education, she spent a year at the Royal Military Academy Belgium in Brussels, where she studied Social and Military Sciences.

Belgium's Princess Elisabeth to Head to Oxford University this Autumn

Her mother, Queen Mathilde, was visibly overcome with emotion as Princess Elisabeth took part in her first military parade on Belgium's National Day in July.

The royal court says in a statement that the princess will regularly return to Belgium and remain involved in Belgian public life during activities alone, with the king or her family.

Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, who is the heir to the Belgian throne, will become the first woman to become a head of state in Belgium when she succeeds her father.

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King Philippe and Queen Mathilde are also parents to Prince Gabriel, 18, Prince Emmanuel, 15, and Princess Eleonore, 13.

Other royals to have attended Oxford University include Elisabeth's father, King Philippe, as well as King Abdullah II of Jordan and King Harald V of Norway. 

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