Ruby Jael Clowers was asked: Will Meghan Markle Gain Back Her Positive Image in the US?

Ruby Jael Clowers was asked:  Will Meghan Markle Gain Back Her Positive Image in the US?
Meghan Markle 

She answered: “No. Never. She keeps hiring PR team when all she has to do is behave like a civilized rational person. Not fame-hungry.

“She was already taken in and was regurgitated by Hollywood. She is almost 40, but she never really found the success and fame she so desperately wanted. She has been in Hollywood for a while but all she got were bit parts. And these roles are all bad for a self-proclaimed feminist. She was also part of an ensemble cast in a basically also unknown cable TV series entitled Suits. Let’s be honest and real, she was a nobody until H.

“She always feels entitled and better than anyone else. Her grandiose feeling of self-importance is annoying. Great example, when she went to Wimbledon to watch a game and she demanded that people be moved away so there will be a lot of empty seats around her. 

Ruby Jael Clowers was asked:  Will Meghan Markle Gain Back Her Positive Image in the US?
Colgate Toothpaste smile!

“She also stipulated her PO that there will be no picture taking in that occasion. She was wearing jeans and a polo shirt when there is a dress code for being in the Royal box. There are a lot more instances, that she did that even a Saint will lose patience for. I’m just giving everyone an idea.

“She acts and thinks that everyone is against her. She keeps using the race card and telling anyone who wants to listen that she is being victimized all the time and is targeted by bullies and being subjected to racism which very far from the truth. She did this to garner sympathy. But the truth of the matter is, she was never a victim of anything racism or bullying. It’s actually her super inflated ego, manipulation, lies and bad treatment of others that are the reason why people feel animosity against her. Every backlash and negative right ups about her is due to her own making.

During 2019 Trooping the Colors

“But most of all her rudeness and disrespect to HMTQ and the firm. She did this by telling the media HMTQ has no exclusive right to the “Royal” name. And we all know what happened after that.”


Reacting to the question, others replied:

Terry Humphries

She must have had a ton of plastic surgery. And when you catch her in an unguarded moment i.e. not prepared to show her good side, she is rather ugly!


How unladylike for someone disgusting, for someone asking to be called a duchess! Colgate or denture grip smile. Not a good AD for Denture Grip, looks like her falsies are coming loose and about to fall out.

Tracy Maddison

I’d put money in her already being in her 40s.

Lynn Lockhart

She had a very small bit part, she was never the woman of the program…I saw it all as lived in the states… the main parts were of 2 men and 2 other women, one black and one a redhead…not her at all….and her part was very insignificant to the whole show right to the end.

Janet Wilkes

I read somewhere that her father says she’s 44 this year not 40 as she was born in 1977. What I don’t get is Doris condoning the lie.

Wendy Lavender

Um…. maybe that should be the face that makes the BRF throw up? Certainly Megs antics are sickening!

Regina Hudock

How did MeAgain last for several seasons on suits? She’s not a crowd pleaser. I’ve never even heard of it till her relationship with H.


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