Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After


Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Younger star
grew up under unrelenting media and public attention, exposing her to many
speculations about surgically enhancing her natural features. Fans and trolls
alike are quick to notice the slightest changes in her appearance. It didn’t
take long for the rumors to spread and in time. 

The Breast

The first obvious
procedure that change her appearance was the breast implant (boob job). Many
people wonder what she thinks of doing breast implants. Did she feel not
confident? Of course, after doing breast implants, the boob turned bigger and
rounder. Besides, she also looked sexier and curvy. However, other people
know that this is fake. But in truth, Hillary looked enjoying it so far.

Lip Injection

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After
Hilary Duff Lip Injection 2

If you compare her before and after the picture. It seems Hillary Duff had ever tested to
make her lips more nutritious by injecting fillers in it. Some fillers like
juvederm or restylane should fit in it. But, seen from the shape of the lips,
the result looked not good and not natural, it destructed her natural sweet
smile. “it’s just a wasteful plastic surgery”, said one of her fans.

Nose Job

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After
Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Another plastic
surgery that she did was a nose job. This case had been controversially
discussed. Some people agreed that she got a nose job, but the others didn’t. How
if you try to compare between her pictures. Her nose looked narrower and the
tip looked smaller. But some people believed that this could be a make-up
technique or the effect of the light or camera.


But now we pass
the torch onto you. We would like to hear from you all about your opinions on
Hillary Duff’s life-changing surgery list. Do you think that Hillary Duff’ssurgeries are
justified? Do you feel more comfortable seeking plastic surgery now that you
have seen her results?

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before and After

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