Prince Albert Makes Changes to Children’s Education as Their Mother Still in Healthcare Facility


Prince Albert Makes Changes to Children's Education as Their Mother Still in Healthcare Facility

Prince Albert has
revealed he has made changes in relation to his children’s education.
Princess Charlene is currently at a treatment facility outside Monaco.

In an
interview with Paris Match, he
confirmed that his six-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella are
being homeschooled at the palace in Monaco as their mother, Princess Charlene,
continues her recovery at a treatment facility.

63-year-old royal told the French publication: “Jacques and Gabriella are now being educated at the palace. We have
since set up a small classroom. They are not alone, since four of their
friends, two boys and two girls, have joined them there, with the same teachers
as if they were in their school.”

Albert said his children were also
homeschooled at the palace during the height of the pandemic last year. Prince
Jacques and Princess Gabriella are currently enrolled at the private
L’Institution François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré school in Monaco.

month, Prince Albert confirmed that his wife, Princess Charlene, was receiving treatment in a facility “outside of Monaco.” Charlene recently returned to
Monaco after being grounded in South Africa for six months with an
ear-nose-throat (ENT) infection.

Albert further said: 
visit her there. I can’t give you any kind of time frame on that. Not in the
next few days, certainly but whenever we get the medical go-ahead.
know these kind of treatments, these rest periods, are usually several weeks. I
cannot give you any set period at this time, we will see.”

Prince Albert Makes Changes to Children's Education as Their Mother Still in Healthcare Facility
Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques dislaying a heartfelt sign

On Monaco’s National Day on 19 November,
Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella held up signs on the palace balcony,
which said: “We miss you, mommy.”

But he added that the children, who will
celebrate their seventh birthdays on 10 December, are not alone.  

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