Is Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex Tarnishing Princess Diana’s Reputation and Legacy?


Is Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex Tarnishing Princess Diana’s Reputation and Legacy?

No. She IS,
however, tarnishing her own. Why? Because she lied throughout the entire Oprah
interview. She lied when she basically called the Queen and entire UK and
entire UK press racist. These lies are factual. In fact, they have already been
proven to be lies. So, it is Meghan who
killed her good reputation.

Reacting to the question, others said:

Paul KraftSocial Observer, Photography Geek, Photo

Meghan Markle
is not tarnishing Princess Diana’s name, legacy nor reputation. Megan has been
and is showing the world a masterclass “How to shoot yourself in the foot”. The
power of Princess Diana both domestically and internationally was the fact that
she seemed to be able to connect with almost anybody from every walk of life,
at least that was the image of her and is what people remember about her. Sadly,
she died in a tunnel in Paris. As for Meghan, she is exposing herself more and

Mary Alex

definitely is.

Claire Cara

Not at all,
not one bit. The British public is a canny lot. We don’t suffer fools gladly
and we don’t need the press to make decisions or form opinions for us. We saw
Diana for what she was. A kind-hearted soul who had true compassion for others.
She wasn’t perfect, none of us are. She had good and bad days and highs and
lows. She was 36 when she died and I felt that she was just getting started
with her life on track and maturing well. She could have achieved much greater
things. Now we see Meghan for what she is.

Eugene AllenFormer SF Soldier, Army Aviator, SWAT
Operator, Cyclist

tarnish is way too subtle. You can tarnish something just by poor performance
by not meeting up to expectations. What Malarky does is purposefully shit on
everything around her. She plays the victim and lies about what she has done,
what has happened to her what other people do and every other thing that she
speaks about. She did so on the Oprah debacle and at every other opportunity
she has had to flap her lips on whatever topic comes her way. She can’t even do
pregnancy right.

Suzy ClarkeFormer Crew and Artist Caterer

As much as I
dislike the woman (term used loosely), I don’t think it is Diana’s reputation she
has tarnished but her own, not that there is much shine left. Diana was Diana,
she was a saint to many but a flibbertigibbet to others. She has been gone now
for 25 years and most people have moved on and consigned her to history. Harry’s
wife is obsessed with her and is using that against him when in reality a good
wife would help him move on and accept peace with what happened. The more she
interferes in something she knows nothing about the more harm she is causing,
to compare herself to Diana is ludic.


No. If anything
the hit TV show The Crown left
many to realize that if you don’t particularly like the way a family is…what is it to you? That is their world and if it doesn’t
look appealing to you…don’t marry into it. And what are the chances of that
anyway? Lady Diana was no saint but she will forever be adored by millions. Dare
we say the same for most of
the royals outside of the Queen? Meghan is nothing more than another passerby
in the long history of the royals. Not the focal point to end all focal points.

Penny MillerSoftware
Engineer at NASA (2015–present)

No. Diana
never met MM. And the contrast between Diana and Meghan would only serve to
emphasize Diana to be the special, hardworking, caring woman that she was. And
I don’t even think that Harry has tarnished his mother. He is responsible for
his own actions, just as well all are.


Ralph BrewEducator and Advocate

Oh please! Whatever…
Diana was the most self-absorbed, narcissistic, insecure, media-maven ever
invented. At least her daughter-in-law has some politics. Her mistake was
marrying into the royal family, even though Harry is total honey.


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