What Happens if a Celebrity Hits a Paparazzi?


What Happens if a Celebrity Hits a Paparazzi?

They get sued and/or criminally charged with
assault, just like what happens when anyone who isn’t famous assaults someone
else. Generally, the paparazzi get a wonderful gift from the celebrity and his
bank, and occasionally a new camera. If the victim reports it then the
“celebrity” stands to be charged with assault.

For the record, what is the meaning of paparazzi
for those who do not? According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is the
photographers who follow famous people everywhere they go in order to take photographs
of them for newspapers and magazines.

What Happens if a Celebrity Hits a Paparazzi?

In October 1995, Alec Baldwin punched freelance
photographer, Alan Zanger, and broke his nose. Baldwin was acquitted of battery
charges and won an invasion suit against Alan Zanger. But, Alan won a suit
against Baldwin for damages and it cost Baldwin $4,500.

What Happens if a Celebrity Hits a Paparazzi?

Woody Harrelson allegedly hit or choked TMZ
photographer Josh Levin outside a nightclub on June 30, 2006. Levin filed a
lawsuit against Harrelson for $2.5 million. Prosecutors refused to bring
criminal charges against Harrelson. The civil case was dismissed.

What Happens if a Celebrity Hits a Paparazzi?

The Sean Penn 2010 Paparazzi attack has
already been explained by another answer to this question whereby Penn was
arrested and convicted and had to serve 300 hours of community service.

What People

Ishaga Ahmed

One thing I never understood. you worked hard
to be famous. now that you’re famous you don’t want to be filmed paradoxically
paparazzi don’t film strangers


Good point! The same for popularity. Some
celebrities work very hard to attain celebrity status and then turn their noses
up in public, refusing to sign autographs, take pictures with them, or even
say a few words to them. However, that is the way of the celebrity world.


There is no law or tradition that celebrities are obligated to do all of that. It is just a job. They have the same right to
privacy as anyone else. You can’t make them do something they don’t want to.
If you want to take photos of celebrities become a Pro photographer and take
photos on the red carpets. I do.

Dan Scott

But they are in their face every single
minute of their lives, they don’t have any freedom. The simplest thing as
dropping a towel could easily be posted everywhere. Working hard to become
famous doesn’t mean it gives the public the right to exploit their lives. At
the end of the day, they’re also human and should be respected in the same
manner as you and I and not be harassed every moment of their lives.


People just don’t know what happens when
they’re constantly harassed by others, so I wouldn’t be making assumptions or
expectations when you yourself have never experienced it (commenters) and there
is no law that says if you are famous you are required to sign autographs or
make appearances or even act nice what so ever, and you just don’t know who
literally said what or did what to who currently or previously because you were
not there, hence assumptions.


I think that people who become celebrities
may actually like entraining and are good at it. Some obviously love any
attention they get like one certain ex-president. Some do not and probably get
tired of cameras following them around. I personally like the ones who seem to
stay out of newsfeeds, I mean who cares what so and so bathing habits are.


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