What is the Most Scandalous Thing Lady Gaga Ever Did on Stage?

What is the Most Scandalous Thing Lady Gaga Ever Did on Stage?

In 2013 Lady Gaga surprised everyone when she completely str*****d herself in front of her audience while performing on stage.

She was performing her song, Venus, at the G-A-Y nightclub in London, and she was wearing a white flowing gown with a white thong underneath. The performance started normally and everyone there was singing along when she started lifting the gown to show the thong: Seeing that the audience was loving it and cheering her for it she lowered the thong and flashed her privates, making everyone cheer even louder.

As she ended the song she turned away from the crowd and started removing the gown, followed by her thong and walked off the stage with her arms up and no clothes on after the pictures and videos of the concert were released online her fans became divided by the performance, with many applauding her for her inspiring body positivity and others being repulsed by seeing her do this in public and in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Lady Gaga, being who she is, loved the backlash and soon enough did that and many more scandalous things in the following years.

Lady Gaga born Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta of Italian descent is a unique chameleon. She is a typical Narcissistic Exhibitionist but what’s going for her is, she has the looks and God-given talent of a Quadruple threat. In acting (Oscar and nominated in all major acting awards from the movie The Star is Born with Bradley Cooper.) She claimed she really wanted to be an actress first but she didn’t succeed because of the looks she stated in one of these interviews that it’s the Singing that got her first in the Entertainment industry.

There were times when Lady Gaga crossed the fashion line and was tagged: 'vulgar.' For instance, the song and video of “Poker Face” was the game-changer for everyone. She was only 21 when she was thrust into the world’s consciousness. This song has reached number one in more than 100 countries.


Her Singing garnered her (Multiple awards Grammy and other award-giving bodies) Dancing ((Watching her concerts and videos) and Songwriting. She used her entrance in the entertainment industry in a lot of gimmicks and scandalous ways that’s why she is very popular and successful in any genre she decides to go to.

Also, there were times when her concert was canceled. For instance, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel some of her shows especially in conservative countries like the Muslims as what happened in Indonesia. She was banned and she wasn’t given a permit to perform.

She loves to shock people during the first 5 years of her career. Many dismissed her as just another flavor of the month but she overtakes the aging Madonna as an artist who uses her sexuality as the capital of her image.

Her efforts have paid her handsomely. She earned in 10 years what took Madonna 20 years to gain. They used the same gimmicks but Lady Gaga is a legit musician who went to NYU for Theater and Arts but quit and went ahead with her music. She is a Classically trained pianist and has a vocal range that Madonna can only dream of.


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She is really still trying to be relevant but she is already known and therefore has nothing to prove to anyone. But the Narcissist in her still wants to show her exhibitionism. In my opinion, Madonna can still make music of course but she should follow the steps of Tina Turner and be dignified and accept and act her true age. Tina Turner is still gorgeous at 82 with the figure she has been known for but she doesn’t humiliate herself like what Madonna does and still doing.

To me, Madonna should be the best Dancer as she studied Dancing with Martha Graham Dance Company but below see Lady Gaga and decide.

Lady Gaga is a better vocalist than Madonna she got all major singing awards from the very start while Madonna waited 16 years to get a Grammy. I draw these comparisons between these two women because they have similarities in a lot of ways. They both love the LGBTQ’s like all of us should and be accepting of others different than us after all we are all God’s creation.


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