Which Celebrities Had the Most-Privileged Upbringing?


Which Celebrities Had the Most-Privileged Upbringing?

A lot of
celebrities came from a ’rags to riches’ sort of background. But even more, celebrities had a little ‘help’ from their families to get them started. Money
goes a long way!

For example, Taylor Swift.

She may not come from a “celebrity” or a
millionaire family, but she is pretty privileged. Her family was rich and
comfortable enough to move to Nashville from Pennsylvania (Taylor was only 13-year-old),
leaving everything behind only for Taylor to pursue her career. (check above photo)

Yes, at the age of 13, Taylor convince her
parents to leave everything behind so she could have a bigger chance to make it
into the music industry. They did move, and thankfully everything did work out.
When she got signed to Big Machine Record, her parents bought an 11% share of BMR.
It was when Taylor was 14/15 years old.

Yes, her parents are rich, she did not
exactly go from nothing to everything. But, the greatest privilege of all is
her family, how much her parents love, care, and trust in her. At 30 years old,
Taylor still calls her mom every day and is still always accompanied by her mom if
she went touring. She occasionally takes her brother as her date to all the
A-List events, and you can always see her dad sitting near her at every awards

Another is Beyoncé.

Which Celebrities Had the Most-Privileged Upbringing?

Before Beyoncé started her singing
career, her father Matthew Knowles had already quit his job to devote himself
to music, becoming a successful music manager and record label owner. Before
this, he had been a professor. Her mother, Tina, humbler in her origins, was a
hairdresser. Her father’s background in music no doubt helped Beyoncé in her
career. And much like Taylor Swift’s parents, they devoted all their time,
energy and resources to making their eldest daughter an absolute star.

 Yet is: Evan Ross.

Which Celebrities Had the Most-Privileged Upbringing?

Then there’s this actor, haven’t seen him in a lot of
stuff, but he was in Hunger Games. His name is 
Evan Ross. His
mother none other than the legendary 
Diana Ross. His father, Arne Næss, Jr. was one of the richest shipping magnates and
tycoons of Norway, a billionaire.

Do you know of others? Send in your comments.


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