Which is the Most Hated Celebrity for Being Themselves?


Which is the Most Hated Celebrity for Being Themselves?

Actor Chris Pratt praised
his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger-Pratt, for giving him “a healthy daughter”.
It was just one comment in quite a lengthy tribute to his partner, and it rubbed
people entirely the wrong way. Why? Because his son from his first marriage to
actress Anna Faris has health problems.

So by highlighting that the child he had by
his new wife was “healthy”, and how this was a blessing to him, he was “rubbing
in his ex-wife’s face how she failed to give him a healthy child”. Like, what
the hell? That’s quite an impressive reach. People really seem desperate to be offended these days. With
Pratt, this whole mess began a couple of years ago when he refused to name his political
preferences — he’s rumored to be conservative but keeps quiet about his views.
This made him “complicit in the crimes of the Republicans” or something.

Which is the Most Hated Celebrity for Being Themselves?

Now it has gotten to a point where Pratt is
so intensely hated for no apparent reason that he cannot even count his
blessings on an innocent and harmless little social media post without being
hated for it. The whole thing really highlights the insanity of today’s society.
Outrage for the sake of being outraged. Anger for the sake of anger. People are
really getting desperate for new targets for their hatred and their desire to
go on moral crusades and cancel people.

The thing is, the man never says anything truly heinous or offensive. Donates
to charity, goes to Church, seems dedicated to his family. But because of the mere suggestion that he might be conservative, people
seem hell-bent on ‘canceling’ Chris Pratt. It’s absolutely preposterous.

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