Why is Keanu Reeves so Great?


Why is Keanu Reeves so Great?

I think it’s a combination of a few factors
that are going towards making Keanu Reeves so popular.

First of all, there is the fact that right
now, Keanu is going through a most excellent career
resurgence. This resurgence started with John Wick in 2014,
and the recent John Wick 3 really brought it home. Generally,
if one does well in his or her career, that success automatically increases
one’s popularity. And, if that happens to someone already well-liked, it just
massively increases their popularity.

Secondly, Keanu has always been known for
being a very kind and good human being, who treats people with genuine respect.
There are the times where he stepped up and helped strangers out when he had
no real need to (e.g. giving them a ride, offering his seat to them, etc).
There are numerous documented instances of his generosity towards his film
crew members. There are various contributions he’s made to charitable and
humanitarian causes (including the one for a cancer research foundation). All
this goes towards making him a very likable person.

Why is Keanu Reeves so Great?

Thirdly, Keanu has had some tragic
circumstances (his daughter was stillborn, and his girlfriend later died in an
accident) in his life – generally, if a person has a personal tragedy, most
people feel sympathy or empathy towards that person. Keanu’s fans (and even his
non-fans) probably feel a bit of sympathy for him due to those personal
tragedies. To compound it, the fact that he still continues to be such a nice
guy despite those tragedies only goes to amplify his popularity.

In summary, So, I submit
that Keanu Reeves is so popular because he has a well-deserved reputation of
being a kind and humane celebrity. That well-deserved reputation in conjunction
with the personal tragedies in his life only goes on to increase his
likability and popularity.

Why is Keanu Reeves so Great?

When you
finally factor in that he’s had an excellent career resurgence, then you can
begin to understand why Keanu Reeves is so popular. Everyone among us (even the
crotchetiest of us) likes it when a good person who’s had tragedies in his life
gets a renewed career success.

During the filming of “The Matrix”
in Australia that year, he gave each of the 12 avatars a Harley motorcycle
worth £6,000.

However, people were surprised to find that
Keanu made a gentleman’s hand in all the photos taken with female fans. Although
it seems intimate, at the same time do not touch the other person’s body
with one finger.

He is kind and angelic.


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