What is a Fact That Many Ignore About Jennifer Connelly?


What is a Fact That Many Ignore About Jennifer Connelly?

She married someone that admitted to having a
crush on her since she was 15 and starring in cult favorite Labyrinth.

That’s right. Her husband, actor Paul
Bettany, is on record as saying that when he was a teenager he had a massive
crush on Jennifer Connelly after seeing her in Labyrinth. He was obsessed with her (in
a healthy way) and apparently vowed that she was the one he wanted to marry
ever since seeing her.

14 years later they co-starred in A Beautiful Mind. They kept it professional, despite
clearly having an attraction towards one another. But they both were already in

What is a Fact That Many Ignore About Jennifer Connelly?

However, after 9/11, Bettany apparently had the
first instinct in reaction to the tragedy. He wanted to call Jennifer and make
sure she was okay. He felt that he must love her since she was his first
thought after such a tragedy. He eventually tracked her number down, called,
and said, “I’m coming over. Let’s get married.”

He moved to New York and they married without
ever really dating.

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