Has Ukraine Done Anything Clearly Wrong Militarily?


Has Ukraine Done Anything Clearly Wrong Militarily?

We don’t have many details on the fighting outside of a few
sources. I’m sure they made mistakes. What’s clear is they are now able to
counterattack and force the Russians to move back and dig in. However, the
Ukrainian army is making fewer mistakes now.

Hear what other people have to say:


Yes, a gigantic blunder in having so many troops
concentrated in that barracks that was hit a couple of days ago by a Russian
missile. It doesn’t take a military genius to know that you ought to disperse
your troops instead of keeping them in a confined and highly vulnerable target
area, especially at night when the enemy can assume that they would be gathered
there to sleep instead of being out in the field. We are told that the Russians
are targeting and, regrettably, hitting key civilian targets. Why would anyone
think they would not hit such an inviting military target?


It’s hard to say and most importantly too early right now
as combat operations are still ongoing. Despite its best effort unpreparedness
is still a factor.

Investing in higher anti-missile defense and AA would be
one IMO. Also, they could have moved some of their air assets to Poland or
Germany to protect those from airstrikes. Earlier investment in combat
drones/UAVs with strike capabilities. All of those would require a very high
investment which is perhaps not realistic but could have been considered.

I am sure there will be many post-war analyses that will
look at this is going to become a case study on asymmetrical warfare between
states rather than Civil wars ie. Chechnya, Syria, etc. where two major
combatants engaging in fairly wide combat front using land, air and naval
assets inc. Mon-nuclear tactical weapons such as cruise missiles.

Haugen (Vikings aficionado)

The only thing that comes to mind is that they should have
invested in more mobile AA systems. While the skies over Ukraine are as best
contested, they should have been more so had Ukraine had more S-300 missile
systems and self-propelled AA artillery. This would have severely hampered the
Russian air assets.

There’s a reason for Zelensky asking constantly for a
no-fly zone over Ukraine.


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