Is Russia’s Intervention In Ukraine The Start Of World War 3?


Is Russia's Intervention In Ukraine The Start Of World War 3?

It might be possible. Anything can cause anything. When a war starts
between two countries, it is never far behind before it escalates to other

Without a doubt, anything can happen. Other countries need to beware and
try to do their not to allow this Russian-Ukraine war to expand.

However, hear what other people have to say about the above question.

Mihai C (Amateur political analyst)

“Not really. What Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is showing, is a lot of
weakness. Russian weapons are inappropriate for a WW3 conflict. Their tanks are
easily destroyed with cheap Turkish drones, their jets are vulnerable, their
rockets are unreliable and inaccurate.

“Their logistics are terrible, with troops running out of gas and air
support constantly…Russia might still win the war in Ukraine, but they showed
they would have no chance against Nato troops in a conventional war.

“And the Western sanctions aren’t likely to go away while Russia stays
in Ukraine. Ukraine will be extremely expensive to win, and even more expensive
to keep.

“They simply won’t afford another war. The nuclear option was discussed

“Putin is losing a lot of support in the Kremlin. Not with the Russians,
he doesn’t care about that. With his generals and his cabinet. The war with
Ukraine was Putin’s alone idea. He thought they would be welcomed as liberators,
and boy, was he wrong. He is the one that put Russia in an impossible position.
They can’t withdraw from Ukraine without admitting they were wrong. and they
simply won’t afford to keep Ukraine.

“It is very likely the end of the Ukraine war will come not from Putin,
but from Putin’s replacement.”

Peter Choi (Actor at Central Casting)

“Just my impression but it really depends on whom you ask. I frequent a
major Korean web community and most of the members have military experience.
Most of the members seem to be open to the possibility of World War 3 or
even a nuclear holocaust. But people with more academic backgrounds seem to
dismiss the possibility. I can’t tell if they do have informed opinions or are just
Wishful thinking.

“If you agree that Putin has some serious underlying health issues that
affect his decisions, then you should be worried.”

Do you agree with
them? Send in your comments. 

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