How Was The Russian Ship In Berdyansk Destroyed?


How Was The Russian Ship In Berdyansk Destroyed?

The truth of the matter is that Russian
ships are not that very strong. They can be easily destroyed with possibly the weakest
missiles strikes or drone strikes.

In regard to the question above, I heard that
it was a missile strike that destroyed the Russian ship.

However, a friend of mine said it was from
multiple drone strikes.

It hit a munitions section of the ship which
caused a huge explosion and fire. They also struck two other ships nearby. It
may mark what is a new phase of the war, which may exact even higher costs on
the Russian army. The strikes by Ukraine on equipment/vehicles are highly
targeted and are proving massively effective.

It was also terrible positioning by Russia,
sitting three ships next to each other in such close proximity.

This ship was one of two Alligator class
amphibious warships in the black sea, which are the second-largest ships in the
black sea fleet behind only the cruiser Moskva. This would make it very
difficult for Russian forces to pursue an amphibious assault on Odessa and is
a massive embarrassment for the Russian Navy.

Indeed, it was destroyed by the Ukrainians. Russian
complacency knows no bounds. If Russia engaged a western nation their forces
would have their amateurish asses handed back to them


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