Is Russia Making New Tanks and Planes To Replace Ones Destroyed In The Ukraine War?


Is Russia Making New Tanks and Planes To Replace Ones Destroyed In The Ukraine War?

The truth also is: I really
don’t know about this. However, hear what other people have to say about the
above question.

McKeeby (Worshiper at Religious Society of Friends)

“As of today, Russia has no
active tank manufacturing facilities. They were bringing the T14 to operational
status and then inexplicably – no one knows why shut down the production line
with a cloud of excuses.

“Much of the Russian effort is
to rebuild older tanks, and we know that these tanks are being rushed forward.
The only T-80UM2 in existence, an attempt to make the T-80 relevant, died in a
blaze of proof that it is not anymore relevant than any other Russian tank.

“T-80 — 300 in active service
and 2000 visible in tank parks. Russia intended to turn 500 T-80 into the
T-80UM2 standard, but the one prototype was blown up. They could be working to
convert tanks in parks to active weapons.

“T-72 — 2000 in active
service, and 2000 visible in tank parks. Most in-service are B models. Russia
will likely to try to make some of these 2000 stored tanks active.

“T-90 — 750 in service,
efforts are underway to convert several hundred in storage to T-90M standard.

“So Russia has between 3000
and maybe 3500 tanks in the shop window and may be able to put several hundred
a month into service. Social media posts show the destruction of at least 500.
That leaves them with probably 2500 tanks, and they are not able to do more
than throw obsolete tanks out with minimal work.

“There are two notes here.
First, Russians have tanks that they plan to use in defensive warfare by
delivering them using rail and burying them in ambush. Ukrainian sources report
tanks having crews chained in them to their workstations and being placed in
ambush sites, but this is not all that strange for Russia and they admit to
this as a possible practice.

“What makes it’s strange is it
is expected to be used in the Baltics where the Russian plane was to blacks a
corridor to Kaliningrad and then hold it with buried tanks and crew that cannot
retreat. The videos of tank crews abandoning untouched tanks under a fire show
that Russia may have a clear use for immobile tank/pillboxes and restrained

“Second, Russia does not have
stored tanks the way the US and Germany do. The M1A1 Abrams in storage is
maintained. If there was a trained crew for one, they could be put into service
in under a month.

“There is no evidence Russia
maintains its tanks in storage.”

Predko (Carbon-based life form)

“No, and I don’t expect
manufacturing to start up any time soon. Tanks and aircraft are not things you
turn on a tap and out they come. They require months, if not years, of securing
resources and building parts before the end product comes off the line.

“News reports are saying that
Russian tank factories are stalled due to lack of parts: With the heavy
economic sanctions (with more likely to come), Russia is going to be hard-pressed to provide the basics for its economy – getting new oil rigs and
production/transportation infrastructure to pay for this war and keep the
country running will be the priority going forwards.

“It may be five years or more
before aircraft and tanks, ordered after the Ukrainian invasion, reach the
production lines.”

Do you agree with them? Send in
your comments. 

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