Is Tom Cruise Really Super Short?


1 The last man in the picture is 5ft 6 tall. Tom Cruise is 5ft 7( based on google search).

Height is one of the things that are very well appreciated in the human body structure. However, it doesn’t matter what height level anyone has. 

However, that cannot be said about Celebrities. Anything about them is always dragged beyond necessary. 

One such example is Tom Cruise. 

To answer the above question, I think he’s pretty tiny but he isn’t
particularly short compared to some of the biggest stars in the movie business.
He’s taller than Alan Ladd who famously took to standing on apple crates while
filming love scenes with Sophia Loren in “Boy On A Dolphin”.

Godfather and “little friend introducer” Al
Pacino is the same height as Tom, as is Gulliver’s Travels funnyman, Jack Black;
while top acting elite Elijah Wood (Frodo Hobbit), Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws) and
Dustin Hoffman (who famously admitted he would remove the lifts in his shoes
just to get a job in “Tootsie”) are all considerably shorter by about 1 inch.

Is Tom Cruise Really Super Short?
1 The last man in the picture is 5ft 6 tall. Tom Cruise is 5ft 7( based on google search).

So, yes, Tom is smaller than some of the big
whoppers like Liam Neeson or Jason Momoa or even Burgundy look-alike Will
Ferrell, but clever camera trickery and his own sterling self-belief in his
gargantuan talent means Tom has never been perceived as anything other than a
true Huge Star!



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