What Celebrities Are Known For Calling The Paparazzi?


What Celebrities Are Known For Calling The Paparazzi?

When celebrities
achieve world fame and success, the paparazzi are always on their way to
capturing their best angles and photos and then selling them to the highest bidder.
And while many must make superhuman efforts to reach them, there are some
celebrities who make their work quite easy. It is that they call them
themselves to inform them where they will be!

Although it sounds
quite absurd and even ridiculous, this happens often and by well-known
celebrities. It is that sometimes they need to remain the center of attention,
increase their fame, or even need to clean up their image after some scandals.

At least that has
happened with celebrities who despite being surrounded by paparazzi all the
time and even having public fights with them, have been caught calling them to
take pictures. What will their reasons be and will it have worked for them?
Find out in the following list below:

Britney Spears

While Britney was
all the rage in her most famous and successful years, and the paparazzi used to
chase her everywhere, there were times when she or her team called on them to
capture some photos of her. What’s more, according to the owner of the beauty salon
where Britney shaved her head, it was her bodyguard who called the
photographers to see her new makeover. (check the above photo)

Paris Hilton

What Celebrities Are Known For Calling The Paparazzi?

While the vast
majority of photos of Paris at the time of parties and scandals of her were
real, there were also times when she and Kim called out the paparazzi to gain
attention and gain even more fame.

 Amanda Bynes

What Celebrities Are Known For Calling The Paparazzi?

Amanda Bynes was
constantly in the public eye when she started having legal and addiction
problems. However, she devised a strategy that unfortunately didn’t work out.
She tried to look good and called the paparazzi to see her in “her
prime” of hers, but her plan fell through.

Ryan Reynolds

What Celebrities Are Known For Calling The Paparazzi?

Unlike the other
celebs who call out to the paparazzi to keep the spotlight on them, Ryan
Reynolds did it to promote some products. In these photos, he can be seen
walking down the street with a bag of Burger King or eating Chobani yogurt. He
sure knows how to use the paparazzi to his advantage!


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