What Is Mark Wahlberg Like In Real Life?


What Is Mark Wahlberg Like In Real Life?

I haven’t personally met him. But you can hear what others have to say
about him.

Dante Petrucelli-works at Vastech said: “My niece works at a high-end bar in AC and
Mark Wahlberg was at her place and she took care of him. She said he was
absolutely nice; tipped great and was down to earth. He really is a nice guy.
He took time to take pictures with people.

What Is Mark Wahlberg Like In Real Life?

What Is Mark Wahlberg Like In Real Life?

“One of the real people. I was happy to hear
Mark Wahlberg is a nice down-to-earth person because he seems like a nice guy.”

 Chad Daffern said: “When I was in High School I met Mark
Wahlberg at Panama City. This is when he was Marky Mark. He was a great guy. He
actually bought me a drink and sat and talked to me for over an hour. We mostly
talked about females and football. This was in 1995 so he wasn’t as big as he
is now.

He did have an entourage that was with him
and they all were cool. Since then I have been a big fan. He didn’t have to
talk to me but he chooses to hang out with nobody. We all have done bad
things in our past and gone up. He isn’t a racist. He is a man’s man.”

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