What Is Wrong With Our Society Today?


What Is Wrong With Our Society Today?

The world is going from bad to worse. Every day, people are complaining about the situation, and yet, it seems that it is not improving. what can be done? 

In fact, currently, the biggest problem in modern society is brainwashing
through governments, media, ecclesiastical bodies, fashion, and the education
sector. All other issues stem from people being brainwashed and puppeteer
by these sectors.

Too many things. But the outstanding thing is the nature of politics and
politicians. At one time, politics was an honorable profession – when you were
selected to represent people you did right by them and held your head up
proudly. You did this with an altruistic attitude and asked little in return
(i.e. payment). You were often a ‘leader’ who deserved respect; you could
tell your children this is a person to emulate.

Take a look today and tell me of an individual in public office that you
would tell your children to be like. You and I should be alive in the best of
times. Instead, things are getting worse.

Another is the idea
that one can take the law into their own hands when judges fail in their due
diligence for starters. It is truly horrifying that this child molester didn’t
get what he richly deserved but your delight in this outrageous act of
vigilantism is disgusting.

These two get to spend the rest of their lives in jail while you applaud
this debacle. what are you thinking? This is civilization – if the system is
wrong you work to correct it. Devolving into savagery is a huge step backward.
As a victim myself, I get the anger and frustration but murder is despicable.

Other includes: (1) Overly
concerned with the opinion of others (2) Clout chasing (3) Too sensitive (4)
Everything needs to be fun (5) Little to no trust and respect for each other
(6) Overly focused on material wealth (7) Far too easy to spread misinformation
(8) Everyone gets to voice their opinion now, etc.

Send in yours.


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