Why Did Scarlett Johansson Refuse To Wear An Indecent Outfit?


Why Did Scarlett Johansson Refuse To Wear An Indecent Outfit?

Scarlett Johansson refused to wear a sexy uniform in a
Marvel Movie-Black Widow.

Recently, Marvel Studios Vice President,
Victoria Alonso, confessed some discomfort with the character’s sexualization
in the second Iron Man movie.

However, during an interview with Fatherly,
Johansson revealed that years later she still had to struggle with this issue.

She said: “There was a period where Marvel
was interested in Natasha being some kind of shifter, always in some kind of
disguise, and when we were doing ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier
​​ that’s a
really funny thing
the final look is fantastic and utility. But,
there is a scene where she drives a beautiful car and takes the Captain on a
mission. In the original version of the script, she appeared in white shoes, a
blonde wig and the like. This was quickly discarded.”

Why Did Scarlett Johansson Refuse To Wear An Indecent Outfit?

The actress also explained what prompted the
production to make this change: “You work with a lot of male screenwriters, and
things were changing. You have to be part of the change. The public is also
demanding things and there is a cultural shift, which feeds everything in a
more progressive direction. It has been a process.”


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