Why Does Prince Harry Fear His Family Isn’t Safe In The UK?


Why Does Prince Harry Fear His Family Isn't Safe In The UK?

He doesn’t! His children are not even a
factor in this debacle. This is an arrogant man that has never grown up! His belief
that he is above the Queen, shows just how ignorant he is! He believes he and
his wife and children should be on the balcony during the Queen’s jubilee. Since
they have already been told that isn’t going to happen, he’s trying to dig up
as much crap as he can.

Well whether true or not (there were no
reports of this happening at the time) he says he was ‘chased’ by the Pap after
leaving the Diana statue unveiling.

Also, Harry has stated that the paparazzi swarmed
him after the unveiling of the statue of his Mother. Photographs of that time
show that is not true. The photo shows Harry alone with a driver in a VW minivan
with no paparazzi. He just wants tapes and photos for his Netflix shoot.

But he has
been paranoid from day one about Meghan going down the same road as his mother
and being killed in a car accident. And now that includes his kids too. This is
total paranoid as not only was Diana an accident in the waiting, but he doesn’t
need to be getting into a car with a drunk/drugged driver with no seat belt on,

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