If Russian Soldiers Surrendered To Ukrainians, Do They Kill Them?


If Russian Soldiers Surrendered To Ukrainians, Do They Kill Them?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr
Zelenskyy has a message for Russian troops: Surrender.

“I know that you want to
survive,” Zelenskyy said during an address Tuesday. “We
hear your conversations in the intercepts, we hear what you really think about
this senseless war, about this disgrace and about your state.”

That is why Russian soldiers
should consider surrendering, he said. “If you surrender to our forces, we
will treat you the way people are supposed to be treated. As people, decently.
In a way you were not treated in your army. And in a way your army does not
treat ours,” Zelenskyy said. “Choose!”

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is
well into its third week. Some Russian soldiers have, in effect, relinquished
their weapons and equipment, leaving them for Ukrainian forces, Zelenskyy said.

“The enemy is confused.
They did not expect such resistance,” Zelenskyy said. “They flee the
battlefield. They abandon equipment. We take trophies and use them to protect
Ukraine. Today, Russian troops are, in fact, one of the suppliers of our army.”

Analysts say the steadfastness
of Ukraine’s defense has surprised Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine
forces have had success, having slowed or stalled the Russian


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