My Mother-In-Law Won’t Talk To Me After She Met Me And My Husband Making Love


My Mother-In-Law Won't Talk To Me After She Met Me And My Husband Making Love

A worried woman has lamented that her mother-in-law has
refused to talk to her after she entered their bedroom without knocking
first, and saw her and her husband making love.

According to her, the incident happened when her
mother-in-law came for a short visit.

The report reaching us is that the lady said her mother-in-law
is not in support of the marriage. Nevertheless, her husband loves her.

She said: “When she’s around, she looks at how my
husband treats me. She questions my husband why he gives me so much power,
especially in deciding things in the house.”

In her narration, she recounted that the old lady, during
one of her visits, barged into the bedroom and found her and her husband making

“Before the dramatic incident on that fateful night, my
mother-in-law was babysitting our child in the living room.

“My husband and I were in the bedroom and decided to make
good use of the time to get intimate.

“Suddenly, I heard my baby crying. I wanted to go, but my
husband held me and said we must finish what we had started and that his mother
is with the baby.”

Furthermore, while we were at it, her husband’s mother barged
into the room.

“The next thing, she started raining curses on me,
asking me what kind of mother I am, calling me a prostitute, among other
different names. All the efforts my husband made to calm her down proved
abortive till he shouted at her because she almost slapped me.

“From that day till this moment, she has refused to
talk to me. My mom asked me to apologize to her. I don’t even know what
scenario will play out for me to apologize to her because I didn’t offend

The mother-in-law was very upset, hence, she reported her
daughter-in-law to her family, claiming that she had disrespected her.

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