What Is Emma Stone’s Secret Truths?


What Is Emma Stone's Secret Truths?

Actress Emma Stone first emerged in the mainstream as a minor
character in Superbad, but she’s gone far in the entertainment biz. Since her
big-screen debut, she’s managed to live out every girl’s dream: kissing Ryan
Gosling. Oh yeah, and she also developed a massive career, managed to stay down
to earth, and ultimately won an Oscar for La
La Land.

Despite Stone’s success, the actress generally keeps a quiet
private life
(as much as you can if your BFF is Jennifer Lawrence). Her
social media is locked uptight, and she doesn’t talk about personal
relationships in interviews. Needless to say, there’s a whole lot that fans
don’t know about the Maniac star.

After watching Stone portray the rebellious, self-assured Olive in Easy
A, it’s hard to imagine the actress ever struggling with anxiety. But it’s
something that Stone has battled for a long time, though there have been
moments when it was especially hard to deal with. “Losing my
anonymity after Easy A, it was like being 7 years old all over again,”
Stone revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. “It terrified me.”

Emma Stone’s signature is her fiery red hair — that and her sense
of humor. The color looks so natural on the star that it’s hard to believe that
she’s not actually a natural redhead (her impeccable root maintenance certainly
doesn’t hurt, either). In real life, Stone is a natural blonde, but the starlet
admitted to StyleCaster that she identifies more with the rosy hue.

Stone was one of the unfortunate celebrities involved in the 2014 Sony
Pictures hack, which led to the resignation of Sony bigwig Amy Pascal and
criminal charges for a North Korean spy. As a result of the breach, Stone’s email
address and phone number were leaked
. The incident was reportedly
overwhelming for Stone, who deleted all of her emails and “cried for like
an hour.”

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