Cubana Chief Priest To Join Protesting Students Over Lingering Strike


Cubana Chief Priest To Join Protesting Students Over Lingering Strike

Cubana Chief Priest is set to
join Nigerian students in protesting against the lingering ASUU strike.

Cubana Chief Priest took to
his Instagram page to share videos of himself in the streets urging students to
hold peaceful protests so he can participate in it.

Chief priest went on to lament
the increasing rate of crime due to the inability of the government to keep
youths engaged in education. He said Owerri city has been reduced to nothing
due to the lingering strike that has kept businesses dependent on the student’s
activity at home.

Cubana Chief Priest further
urged the government to end the strike as education is paramount.

He wrote; “If Students
Begin Peaceful Protest Because Of This ASUU Strike I Go Support Them For The
Movement With My Full Chest Just The Same Way Groups Bought Aspiration Forms
Worth Hundreds Of Millions For Politicians.

“The Crime Rate Keeps
Increasing Because The Youths Are Not Properly Engaged With Education. Our
Economy Is Collapsing Because So Many States Like My State Generate So Much
Funds For Their Economy From These Students When Schools Are In Session.

“Owerri Has Over 5 Major
Universities In It, The City Is Nothing When Schools Are On Strike, The City
Becomes Completely Dry, Businesses That Are Around These Institutions Suffer So
Much Which Makes So Many Collapse Completely.

“I Wonder Why Politicians Want
To Use Their Children’s Education For 2023 Campaign Strategy. We No Go Gree Oh
!!!! Parents Wey Say Their Children No Go Sleep No Suppose Sleep. We Get
Numbers Oh, We Get Mind Oh, We Get Energy Oh !!!! Government Should End This
ASUU Strike ASAP, Education Should Be Paramount.”


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