Halima Abubakar: ‘Fingers’ Sex For Role As Reason She Quitted Acting

Halima Abubakar: ‘Fingers’ Sex For Role As Reason She Quitted Acting

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Halima Abubakar has claimed that producers demand sex for roles before giving actresses the opportunity to cast a role.

The actress made the assertion via her verified Twitter account on Saturday after fans inquired about her reasons for her absence in a lot of films produced lately.

According to the filmmaker, she does not have the strength for s3x and is not hungry to lick some asses.

Then a curious fan asked Halima if it was true that producers’ demands for sex and she affirmed yes.

Read the exchange below;

The actress wrote: “I left Twitter not Nollywood. I produce my own movies. I nor get strength for sex. Taking a break is necessary. I have won all awards. so I won’t be too hungry to ass lick or belong to a group like I said before, I don’t have a filter. I say the truth. I mean that’s me.”

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A fan named Mark replied: “Serious!! That means it is true that producers do demand sex from female actresses before casting them in movies. Our sisters are not safe.”

The actress said: ‘So many, yes.’


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