How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship


Have a Good Sense of Humor

There is a feeling that defeats silence in relationship – this feeling births feeling of importance and wanting to get involved. No one actually wants to engage a boring person; boring conversation and action is because of the energy involved.

Having good sense of humor fuels emotion of your partner to a good cheer. It is one of the lucky charms you would need to unlock and knock silent treatments off your partner and relationship. Being like this makes you to be a source of pleasure and you would successfully and effortlessly attract attention and value. Your natural buoyancy would go a long way to restore the lost enthusiasm of your partner to attend to you just like you want it. There is an aura that brings your partner into action.

Employ Time to Work for you

There is a time for everything – different time for different emotion. It would be selfish of you to seek anything from your partner while they are going through a bad phase mentally or emotionally. Learn how to sniff the right time to raise some discussions of high importance, doing this helps you to cultivate skills required for mental and emotional intelligence. Sometimes, all you have to do is to give your partner some time to see a phase through in attempt to look for healing. They cannot give or do anything positive if they are infected with negative energies. Most time your partner serves you with silent treatment could be as a result of your poor empathy skill.

Keep Distance

This is another way to employ time to work for you, this time for yourself. You would like to be sure if you are not a leech on them, maybe they really want you around them. Be yourself for another while and see if you are really a good option for them or they think of a better option for themselves. This is one way to go about not forcing yourself on them. After you might have applied option 1 – 6 to no avail, consider this and let them be alone and think things through.

This will be another moment of truth for you that might be the so much anticipated liberation you seek. In either form the liberation come, I hope you take it in good spirit.

Be the Best You Can Be

Don’t stop working on yourself. Even after many days and months of observation, you might still not know the real reason why your partner metes out silent treatment on you. Who knows maybe your partner is growing tired of you [since they have seen and know you all, according to them]. Becoming the best version of yourself is a matter of re-inventing yourself. It helps you to do things better and
differently … it helps you to see things better and differently, and lastly, it helps people to see you differently in a better way.

One of the things to keep people interested in you is never allow them have enough of you, and being the best you can be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly is the best way to do this. Constant improvements on yourself on all sides is the key to create some compelling sights around yourself.

Don’t Beg For Their Attention

There is no need to beg for attention after you must have gone through option 1-8. Don’t force things to happen after you have done your enough best. Begging for attention means you have lost yourself. Even while you try to be the best you can be for others, don’t lose yourself in the process.

Doing this might bring you temporary result or success, but it does not proffer long lasting solution that you really need. You would become your partner’s victim if you do and you would leave them with no choice than to victimize you. Place value in yourself. Perhaps, it will cause your partner to place value on the relationship.

Keep Hope Alive

Trust that your good acts and patience would yield. Don’t keep scores since you know better. It would mean your partner has successfully influenced you of you do – I believe you know that relationship is all about influence. Believe what you give and you would never be stranded, even if it means a new breath of love will blow on you.

How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship

Love would always compensate the good people – it will never leave you unattended to. Trust the nine processes discussed above and you would be glad you did. Love has a thin livewire called ‘faith’. I have never seen persons enjoying love at its fullest without having faith. You may not know how it works, but it surely works.

How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship
How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship
How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship
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