How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship


Thank you for keeping up with our pace, as we spell end to the silent treatments in your relationship. We started this in Article 1, welcome to Article 2. If you have not read How To Win The Silent Treatment In A Relationship (I), please trace it up to read. There are good highlights there you can’t afford to miss. Regardless, you have the luxury to change your luck, you can stand up for yourself, not in violent way or by shouting at the top of your voice. I think you know you deserve better treatment, you also want to feel better. It is absurd to feel like a stranger while you are with your romantic partner. It is unfortunate that treating one another with silent treatment is becoming more prevalent in relationships these days, but you can win over it. You tend to feel useless and become helpless in the face of silent treatments, it is what you should no longer experience.

The last silent treatment your partner served you will remain the last, let’s continue where we stopped in Article 1. Below are other ways that guarantee your partner to stop treating you with silent treatment.

Pay Attention to Courtesy

Regardless of how important what you want to say or do is, how you say and do it is more important. Respect would always be a good way for you to go in affairs of love and relationship. Don’t take away respect of your partner because you are too familiar with them. Take cloak of respect off anyone and they would rebel. It would amaze you how they would pay little or no importance to you because you did so.

If you seek good response and better communication pattern from your partner, then pay attention to the way you communicate your thoughts, plans and actions to them. How you go about doing things is more important than what you are doing. This guide number 4 is helping you to focus on questions of ‘how’ and ‘what’. Don’t take your partner for granted, even an ounce of respect will help you greatly in your dealings with them. Be courteous in all that you do and say to your partner.

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