Putin Visits Injured Soldiers For The First Time As He Puts On Charm


Putin Visits Injured Soldiers For The First Time As He Puts On Charm

Russian President Vladimir
Putin will visit the soldiers that were injured in the war against Ukraine in a
Moscow hospital.

“He is visiting them and
talking to them,’’ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday, according
to the Interfax news agency.

Meanwhile, Peskov dismissed
speculation that Putin would use the visit to announce a new strategy for the
war in Ukraine.

However, there was no change
of direction in the “special military operation,’’ the spokesman said, using a
term that the Kremlin uses for the war.

He added that the president
was merely “interested in the issue of how those who were injured during the
special military operation are being cared for’’.

This was Putin’s first visit
to the injured since the start of the invasion on Feb. 24. The Russian side
rarely gave details on its dead and injured.

The last time the Defence
Ministry published figures was at the end of March when it said that 1,351
Russian soldiers had been killed.

Kiev puts the number of
Russians killed at almost 30,000, while, the figures cannot be independently


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