What Is The Bad Rumor Involving The Actor Tom Cruise?


What Is The Bad Rumor Involving The Actor Tom Cruise?

According to Life &
Style, several celebrities have come forward to expose the dirt on Tom Cruise.
The shocking allegations have, allegedly, encouraged the actor to flee Los
Angeles and stay in London. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm
that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

Below are some:


Rob Lowe previously recounted
an incident he had with Cruise while they were on the set of The Outsiders.
While rehearsing their fight scene, Lowe hit Cruise on the nose, and the
accident set the latter off.

Lowe, reportedly, said that he
and Cruise had to be pulled apart to prevent them from getting into an actual
fight. “The next thing you know, he’s ready to kill me!” he said.


Jim Carrey also mentioned
Cruise in his book, Memoirs, and Misinformation. Carry said that Cruise
was referred to as Laser Jack Lightning in Hollywood.

“That’s just us poking fun at
the litigiousness of Hollywood. I know Tom Cruise. He may sock me, but hey,
I’ll take the beating for a piece of art,” Carrey said. 


The insider said that another
reason why some celebrities are keeping their distance from Cruise is that he
encourages them to convert to Scientology. The move has, allegedly, been dubbed creepy.

Others also have tales of
Cruise’s temper tantrums and odd behavior. As such, he has, allegedly, decided
to move to London and have more a recluse when it comes to his public life.

“Tom’s star status is taking a
hit. He’s definitely at a crossroads in his life,” the source said.

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