5 Female Behaviours That Pull Men


Man wants to be with a lady with such a large heart, it calms his fears and reassures him that, if the unfortunate happens, he will never suffer and will not be damned by her. A lady doing good to others in her largesse is the definition of a perfect help-meet for any man. He believes ladies doing goodwill are pure in heart, and innocent to some extent. He will want to trust her with greater responsibilities; he become his dream woman- leaving him with imaginations on how she will take care of their kids and himself. Every man wants a woman with a caring hand and loving heart for himself.

2. She is a good user of words

No man wants to identify with a lady with loose mouth. The way she talks can turn him on or off – more than anything else, what keeps a man away from a lady is the manner she communicate. He appreciates it when you talk politely.

He does not want her to talk him down later or bruise his ego with unrepentant words of her mouth. A man feels grateful when a lady talks politely, it brings him closer to her and makes him to want to be with her. It is a character flaw on her part if she does not know how to address people respectfully – this is one major thing that disqualifies her from being her lady.

A man likes her when she talks politely, he does not want a ‘badmouth’. But the one with the ability to maintain confidentiality and acts with sensitivity is a delight to him. He likes it when a lady is kind with her words. More than that, her ability to say the right thing at the right time would bring him closer to her.

3. Personable, and positive demeanour

A welcoming and good natured lady is charming for every man; she attracts people to herself. A man likes it when a lady is not stone faced, smiles beaming on her face, like always. She talks and lives positively – she is the type that influences people around her in a good way. She is pure at heart and not bitter.

She recognizes the good in all who she comes into contact with; she strives to understand others by respecting opinion of others. A man wants this lady for himself – he can rely on her energies in his down moments.

4. Accountability and Honesty

A lady that lives knowing fully well that she is responsible for her actions, behaviours and decisions does not live recklessly because she is honest in answering for her decisions and actions; such lady is a respectable and responsible woman. They know the way they live and behave matters to people around them.

A man likes it when a lady is truthful – she is the one he wants to trust because she comes with the promise of peace of mind. Many ladies don’t leave for deliberation, what he has to say does not matter – a ma– finds a fortune for himself when his woman would carry him along in all her thoughts and actions.

5. Respect

Every man wants for himself a woman that will make him honorable and treat him everyday with respect. Not a woman that will battle it out with him with number one spot. The respect she has for him will make him feel capable to do much more than what he can do for her. Without humility on her part, she can’t be respectful towards the man in her life.

Every man has ego – it is a necessary ‘makeup’ for man. Man wears his ego the same way woman wears make-up. A man is more comfortable with a woman that will not dent his ego status.


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