Biden Says US Will Not Send Ukraine Missiles That Can Hit Russia


Biden Says US Will Not Send Ukraine Missiles That Can Hit Russia

The United States will not
send Ukraine rocket systems that can reach Russia, President Joe Biden said on

The US president’s comments
followed reports that the Biden administration was preparing to send advanced
long-range rocket systems to Kyiv for its fight against Russia.

“We’re not going to send to
Ukraine rocket systems” that can reach Russia, Biden told reporters after
arriving back at the White House on Monday, according to the Reuters news

Ukrainian officials have
sought a longer-range system called the Multiple Launch Rocket System, or
MLRS, that can fire a barrage of rockets hundreds of miles away. It was not
clear which system Biden was referring to in his remarks.

CNN and The Washington Post
reported on Friday the Biden administration was leaning toward sending the
MLRS and another system, the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, known as
HIMARS, as part of a larger military aid package to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government has
urged the West to provide it with more longer-range weapons in order to turn
the tide in the war, now in its fourth month. US officials had said such
weapons systems are actively being considered.

The US has provided thousands
of portable Stinger anti-aircraft and Javelin anti-tank missiles to
Ukrainian forces as well as advanced drones and field artillery.

But Russian foreign minister
Sergey Lavrov last week cautioned Western powers against supplying
Ukraine with weapons capable of hitting Russian territory, warning such a move
would be a “serious step towards unacceptable escalation”.

Ukraine’s foreign minister has
said the urgency of his country’s need for bigger weapons can be summed up in
two abbreviations: MLRS — multiple launch rocket systems, and ASAP — as soon as


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