Groom slaps his new wife at their wedding after she won a game on stage during wedding toast (video)


Groom slaps his new wife at their wedding after she won a game on stage during wedding toast (video)

A video of the horrifying moment a groom beat his new wife at their wedding has been shared online.

The wedding happened in Uzbekistan, and during the event, the new couple were on stage at their wedding reception when the toastmaster made them take part in a competition.

The bride won the game, and when the groom realised he lost, he angrily struck her hard on the back of the head with his fist.

The shocked bride put her hand to her head, before she lifted her white wedding dress from the floor and was led off the stage by two other women.

The groom remained on the stage, as if nothing had happened, staring out across the silenced crowd who moments before were cheering the couple on.

Meanwhile, the best man standing alongside the groom also appeared to be smiling before fidgeting nervously with his phone.

Watch the video below

In Uzbekistan, groom hit the bride right at the wedding in front if guests, relatives, families from both sides. Noone stopped him, noone to defend her.
Footage shows the couple participated in game, after which he hit her.
We need an @WomanTreaty urgently— Leila Nazgul Seiitbek????? (@l_seiitbek) June 12, 2022

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